Blast Boss, Inc. is proud to introduce one of the newest media’s available on the market today. ST-Shell is today’s media for yesterday’s Corn Cob media. The price of corn cob has almost tripled, due to the simple rules of economics “Supply and Demand”. Our countries search for alternative fuel has led to a higher demand of corn cob. There by prompting a cost increase.

After a year of testing and research, we have concluded that the ST-Shell is an excellent media that has many uses within the blasting industry, i.e. wood, metal, concrete and stone.

ST-Shell is biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and of course cost effective media. ST-Shell (Crushed Walnut Shell) will not cause silicosis….ST Shell has minimal dust.

Be sure to check with your local and state EPA websites for credits using our Eco Friendly media blasting product.