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Small marine craft, typically made of fiberglass, present a challenge for coating removal:

  • Substrate surfaces like gel-coat on fiberglass or wood, are easily damaged by abrasive blasting or by conventional chemical strippers.
  • The anti-fouling paint is often very thick in multiple layers, which is difficult to remove.
  • Boats are often located in environmentally sensitive areas – making it necessary to build elaborate containment structures for dust, odor and airborne particles.

2010 or 2030: For anti-fouling paint, below the water line.

2010: For coatings on metal and other surfaces on the top side.


These products offer the following major benefits to the user:

  • Multiple coats of paint removed with only one application.
  • Safe on most gel-coat and on most fiberglass surfaces.
  • Will not damage epoxy coating on cold molded hulls.
  • Harmless for boatyard’s water catchment system.
  • Product works without supervision and workers can do other revenue producing work while the stripper completes the job.


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