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The refurbishment of marine vessels presents several challenges:

  • Many specialty and high performance coatings are used in the shipbuilding industry, which are difficult to remove with the use of conventional chemical strippers.
  • The paint is often very thick in multiple layers, which is difficult to remove.
  • Projects are often located in environmentally sensitive areas making it necessary to build elaborate containment structures for dust, odor and airborne particles and waterborne waste.
  • The interiors of ships’ storage tanks and ballast tanks have intricate shapes and hard-to-reach places, where abrasive blasting becomes difficult and expensive.
  • Down time for a ship is very expensive and quick turn-around times are essential.

Products are water-born, worker friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. They are capable of removing the toughest marine coating systems, including Coal Tar Epoxies, Glass Flake Epoxies, Non-Skid Deck Coatings and Anti-Fouling Paint.. The product range includes:

2030: For thick film coatings and coal tar epoxies.
2010: For coatings on metal and other surfaces on the top side.

These products offer the following major benefits to the user:

  • Multiple coats of paint removed with only one application.
  • Safer work site while paint removal is being carried out.
  • Ship’s crew can easily use the products during voyages.
  • No need for extensive and elaborate containment systems.
  • Can be easily applied in tight enclosed spaces like cargo holds and ballast tanks where blasting and toxic chemicals are difficult to use.

Comparative Test Results
Tests conducted by Fleet Superintendents and independent inspection authorities have confirmed that produced very satisfactory surface preparation prior to re-coating. They confirmed that in many cases, was faster, cheaper and safer than UHP water jetting or conventional chemical stripping.

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