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“Cleaning Industrial Materials With Ease!”

The removal of corrosion and scale from commercial and industrial applications can be time consuming and expensive.

Difficulties can be location of the equipment, and the material the corrosion is affecting

This cooling tower was corroded and dirty causing over-heating problems. The delicate aluminum was repeatedly cleaned with no success.

When We was brought on the scene the cooler was running 24 hours per/day at a dangerously high temperature. After our successful cleaning of the cooler it was put back into full operation and production. The renewed cooler was now running only 6 hours per/day with a decrease in operating temperature of over 40 degrees.

We utilized its proven ” Coatings Removal System ” for this cleaning project. Since it is non-abrasive the media chosen was sodium bicarbonate . The delicate aluminum fins were cleaned and restored with no bending or warping.


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