Soda Blasting Equipment, Multi-Media Blaster, & Blast Media

SodaBlasting Equipment or Sodablaster, is custom designed for Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda), Abrasive Blast (Recycled Crushed Glass), Corn Cob (Cob Blasting), Potassium Sulfate (Super K), and our newest environmentally friendly media as an alternative to Corn Cob, Walnut Shell (ST Shell). Looking for the best soda blasting blast media for your next project?



Products provide safe and cost effective solutions to multiple coatings removal problems.

Auto Restoration

Soda Blasting is the best way to start a restoration project. How can you give an accurate estimate of a restoration until all of the paint is gone?

Blasting for industrial application


The removal of corrosion and scale from commercial and industrial applications can be time consuming and expensive.

Soda Blasting
Smoke and fire restoration is no match for this solution. Read More
Abrasive Blasting, Corn Cob Blasting, Walnut Shell
For cleaning and restoring log homes. Read More
ST Abrasive Blast
Cleans efficiently on steel, aluminum, stainless, concrete, fiberglass, wood and stone surfaces. Read More
Recycled Glass Media Blasting
The cleanest glass, the best prices on glass available by the bag, pallet, or truck load. Read More

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