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Product Description
ST-2000 series is a multifunction water based product designed to remove latexes, oiled based paints, solid epoxies, industrial polyurethane’s, enamels, polyureas, and alklyds from metal, concrete, brick and woodsubstrates. It is supplied in gel form for spraying or brushing and liquid form for dipping.

– Water based
– Replaces toxic chlorinated and caustic products
– Reduces health and environmental risk
– No ozone depleting components and no
air pollution potential
– Non flammable
– Non toxic

Recommended Applications:
– Metal structures & surfaces such as: bridges, storage tanks, ships, railcars, pipelines, airplanes, automobiles
– Concrete structures & surfaces such as: industrial floors, exteriors of buildings
– Wooden structures & surfaces
– Brick and masonry structures & surfaces

Fast Acting:
ST-2000 series is a fast acting material. It penetrates the coating layers, and breaks the bond between the surface and the coating. As a result the coating will separate from the surface.
Performance time will depend on the nature of the coating, their thickness and the ambient temperature. The product works better at warmer temperatures and it is recommended the temperature be above 50 degrees F.

Easy To Use:
ST-2000 is preferably sprayed on the surface by utilizing an airless sprayer but can be also applied by brush or roller on smaller areas. Allow ST-2000 to lift the coating completely before removing with water pressure or scraper.

Reduces Health and Environmental Risk
ST-2000 is designed to minimize health and environmental risks. It is non-carcinogenic and contains no toxic materials. It also reduces the amount of waste generated.